A unique combination of the platform AR_Teacher and the mobile app AR_Book

The social project AR_Book is an interactive helper for a school program study. The main task is the easy use of AR/VR/3D technologies that make learning effective. 

The target audience of the project is teachers, parents, and students. Everyone can contribute to the technological process! The teacher can easily create educational material because of the interactivity of the AR_Book&AR_Teacher system connection; the student can understand the school program more effectively in an accessible game format. And parents can easily monitor their child’s progress!


The unique offer of the AR_Book solution for school  is:

  1. It’s complete functionality with the involvement of the latest AR/3D technologies.
  2. The application has six main sections for school subjects now: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, mathematics, and geography. We are working to make them more. Chapters contain experiments that illustrate lesson topics in 3D/AR formats.
  3. Each experiment is a set of three-dimensional models of devices, instruments, natural objects, or creatures that can be interacted with. 
  4. The content of the AR_Teacher consists of more than 200 authors’ experiments, integration with large systems, 2000 tests for various subjects, 30 functions for the lesson designer, and many other advantages that are aimed at interest, helping to work through new educational material effectively. 
  5. All this will be supplemented by an analytical report on the subjects responsible for the indicators of interest of each student shortly.  

The interface of the AR_Book system is easy to remember with its color gamut, which gives a feeling of comfort. This association is essential for each of the representatives of our target audience, providing them with the correct perception of the word “school.”

The application AR_Book is easy to use; the main point is to register correctly, departing from the selected target audience segment. You can register through your Google, Apple, or personal email. After registration, you get to the main menu, where there are more than 200 available experiments that can be evaluated in 3D form or involve virtual reality technologies.


From all of the above, we can confidently say that the AR_Book solution for school meets all modern standards that ensure the dynamic modernization of international education. We boldly and safely use AR/VR/3D technologies!

The app is available on Google Play and App Store

Application “Svetlitsa” interactive tour “Shevchenko in Brovary”