AR game WylsaVSZombies

AR game WylsaVSZombies

Today, AR technology is applied in many different fields. However, the entertainment sector remains the most popular among ordinary users. Game AR applications are downloaded on almost every smartphone, and interest in them still continues to grow.

Therefore, in our arsenal there are also similar applications. Earlier we wrote about one of our games – WylsaAR, where you need to jump as accurately as possible and collect as many “Like” as possible. Now we introduce you to another of our creations. This is the dynamic action of WylsaVSZombies.

Since the game is in augmented reality, its plot can unfold in your living room, on the streets of your city, or wherever you want. The main character is a guy named Wilsa find himself in the same situation when crowds of zombies want to devour him! They attack him from all sides. But Vilsa has good old machine guns and grenades. The hero must defend himself, destroy zombies and make his way to the mountain. This is the only way to be saved.

Whether you and Vilsa manage to get out of this situation without being eaten is up to you.


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