AR_Book and digitalization of education in Ukraine: where did it start and where are we going next?

AR_Book is an interactive system for experiments with school programs, providing teachers with new AR|VR|3D technological tools.

By developing the AR_Book project, we are developing the idea of ​​education, where every child is motivated and feels the importance of the educational process.  With us, every teacher can work comfortably, analyze and help the student.  The project was born during the full-scale invasion of russia in the territory of Ukraine  when education became a new, very significant front.

Our unique approach is to find solutions for delivering practical lessons by using deep analytics and providing reflection when the teacher can monitor each student’s rate of attention even during the class.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the lesson is the primary digital indicator of fruitful learning!

The AR_Book system is an amount of more than 200 new experiments that you can easily add to your lesson, 2000 different tests, and integration with the most significant educational projects. There is the ability to conduct studies with 3D models or involve augmented reality. It is important to note that all application experiments are fully relevant  to the school program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

We have taken a confident step toward the global modernization of education in Ukraine, where the main task is to build an educational foundation that will be accessible to every child.

Our ambitious plans include many tasks, one of which is a confident entry into the US market to popularize the Ukrainian educational digital project!