AR_Book is one of the Ukrainian technologies that affect teaching methods

Ukraine is one of the most technological countries in Europe, where the IT sector accounts for 25% of the GDP.

Today in the  country everything is being modernized very dynamically!

This also applies to the education system, one of the main areas of our life.

The introduction of the latest technologies to school education is the main priority for this year, which turned out to be especially difficult with the beginning of a full-scale invasion of russia in the territory of Ukraine.  In such conditions, education is a front that should work even more actively, opening up knowledge to every child, who is our bright future.

AR_Book is a technological system that provides teachers with tools to conduct an interactive lesson involving the latest AR/VR/3D technologies.

The mobile application contains more than 200 laboratory works, 3000 tests, and other interesting materials, which are visually designed as 3D experiments — the program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The essential list of subjects presented in AR_Book: physics, chemistry, biology, geography, mathematics, and astronomy.

And all this with the possibility of viewing in augmented reality (AR)!

AR_Book multimedia technologies are aimed at effective teaching and improving education in Ukraine, which is especially important today.