AR_Book as a modern technological solution for schools

AR_Book is an interactive system for passing school curriculum experiments in AR|VR|3D formats.  AR_Teacher was launched in October of this year.  It is programmed to technologically create and conduct lessons with deep reflection, which greatly makes life easier for a teacher and modernizes education.  AR_Teacher is closely connected with AR_Book. 


Interactivity is one of the main opportunities of modern times, which allows you to assess the world around you visually. This digital implementation effectively affects the child’s memory because it uses associations for fruitful learning. This indicates the relevance of involving interactive multimedia systems in education.

 It is essential to note the student’s emotional involvement in the subject because the latest technologies raise the level of his attention and encourage effective and dynamic learning.


The unique feature of AR_Book is its interactivity.  These are more than 200 new experiments that you can easily add to your lesson, 2000 different tests, integration with the most significant educational projects, and 30 indicators of reflection. Reflection is in-depth analytics that allows teachers and parents to monitor each student’s performance, which opens up a deeper understanding of the learning material and the confident implementation of practical learning ideas.  It is important to note that all application experiments fully correspond to the school program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


If we compare a standard school lesson without the use of interactivity, which is in the AR_Book system, we can see a significant decline in the interest rate of students. Especially at present, when the dynamics of learning new material is of high importance, AR_Book has become the best technological solution for every school.