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FlexReality web studio specializes in the development of virtual and augmented reality applications for iOS and Android in six key areas.

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The cost of developing virtual and augmented reality applications

The services of FlexReality web studio are evaluated as a complex, depending on the following factors:

The cost is formed on the basis of many factors, so we prefer to discuss such issues on an individual basis. The client tells how he/she wants to see the future application, for what purposes it is needed, how it should work and what application view be as a result. Based on this information, we draw up a technical specification, discuss related details and form an estimate. After agreeing on all the conventions and signing the NDA, we start developing an augmented or virtual reality application.

Advantages of the web studio FlexReality

  1. Security – at the very beginning of cooperation, we sign an NDA agreement with the client, which guarantees the restriction of third-party access to all materials and information about the project.
  2. Comprehensive support from the formation of technical specifications and until the publication of the application in the Google or Apple store.
  3. Transparency – you will receive regular reports on expenses and work performed
  4. We always listen to the wishes of the customer and are ready to make any constructive changes.
  5. We polish the product to perfection. Each application developed for you becomes part of our portfolio and is available for everyone to view, without exception. Therefore, we, like you, are interested in making everything work and look perfect.

Leave a request on the digital agency website FlexReality and we will contact you to discuss the details.

AR learning apps

Interactivity, spatiality and contextuality are the three main advantages of augmented reality over traditional educational methodology. As statistics show, educational material is absorbed much better if you use at least one of these components, but AR combines three at once.

For example, our application “BookvAR” was developed for students in grades 8-9 by order of the Kiev Department of Education and Science. In it, we worked out visual experiments in physics and in the future we plan to “revive” the school curriculum in mathematics, geography, chemistry, astronomy. The child is only required to install the application on a smartphone and point the camera to a page where an experiment is illustrated. The app will recognize it and launch an animated 3D model of the experiment that you can interact with.

AR games

Our web development studio has previously created mobile video games for iOS and Android using machine vision technologies – it was a simple project “Wylsacom vs Zombies” in terms of scale, where any surface in an apartment, house or on the street could serve as a battlefield. The project turned out to be successful despite a modest budget, which indicates the relevance and prospects of AR technology in the mobile video game market.


E-commerce is steadily replacing traditional forms of conducting business transactions, as it allows customers to save time. Why go to the market or shop to buy sweatpants or a kettle when you can order it online? If earlier many people were afraid to make purchases online, now a new generation has matured, which, on the contrary, considers this service option more preferable in relation to 90% of all goods and services.
Our web studio has experience in developing E-Commerce applications, and we firmly know that this tool is extremely effective for increasing conversions and increasing sales. In the period from 2008 to 2016, the share of online trade increased from 4% to 10%. E-Commerce retail sales hit $ 4.13 trillion in 2020 – this is a global statistic. According to the same data compiled by the analytical company Ecommerce Guide, people are increasingly choosing to make purchases using their mobile phone, and this trend is showing positive growth dynamics. Especially in the service sector like food delivery and other essential goods.

Augmented reality for marketing

In the field of marketing, AR is effective thanks to the same visibility and interactivity. It allows you to communicate with the audience using a mobile augmented reality application by visualizing digital content.

Simply put, a person sees in front of him not just photographs, but a full-fledged 3D model that can be twisted, zoomed in, zoomed out and even placed somewhere in the kitchen in real scale. For this, computer vision technologies and sensors built into the device are used: GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc. The person gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the product more clearly. This is more effective than traditional advertising for one simple reason – the buyer does not have the feeling that they are trying to impose something on him. With AR, a company can show:

According to Markets & Markets, AR market volume will grow to USD 117.4 billion by 2022. Web-development studio FlexReality previously developed a demo application for the franchise of the international coffee shop MY COFFEE and this gave a tangible result in terms of increasing conversions.

Interactive museums

Augmented reality applications for museums allow you to “revive” exhibits and works of art, show them to visitors from a different, unexpected side. Using AR, you can not only show a three-dimensional model of an artifact or picture, but also tell a lot of interesting facts about it in the form of a description, even with voice acting. You can see examples of our work in this direction here.

Real estate industry

AR application can become a powerful sales driver for construction companies, because it allows you to create a mini-version of a residential complex. Any user can download this application in the App Store or Play Store, launch and explore the available apartments in detail. Their interior, layout, dimensions and even a view from the window, if the customer wants to recreate everything in such detail.

Frequently asked Questions

The web studio team consists of programmers, web designers, sales managers, project managers, layout designers, content managers, SEO specialists, copywriters and contextual advertising specialists. The number of employees in these positions is different in all companies, but they should all be.

The web studio provides services for the creation and promotion of sites, from the development of the layout to the delivery of the finished project to the client. In addition, many studios provide services for website promotion, technical support and maintenance, analysis of the existing resources of competitors, etc.

Usually, all specialists are involved in the development, from web programmers and layout designers to designers and advertising specialists. Everyone does their part of the work, which ultimately leads to the achievement of the set goal.