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Demo apps using AR increase conversions by about 52%, as they allow users to evaluate the product in real size and carefully examine it from all kinds of angles. An augmented reality object can be placed indoors and see how it will look in conjunction with the existing interior. AR provides an opportunity for the client to feel like an owner even before buying, which significantly increases the likelihood of a transaction.

Application development is a complex issue, and the cost of a project is formed depending on its scale, technical complexity, the number of developers involved and the timing. The estimate is formed at the stage of drawing up the technical specification, when all the stages are prescribed and the steps necessary to achieve the goal are thought out. If you want to know how much it will cost to develop an AR application specifically in your case, we recommend that you leave a request on the website. We will contact you shortly and discuss all the details personally.

Retail chains, online stores, car services, gas stations, cafes, restaurants, manufacturing companies, manufacturers of household appliances and gadgets are only a small part of the business for which it makes sense to develop a mobile application with augmented reality. Any business where the quality of product demonstration is important will greatly benefit from the use of AR, since this technology allows a potential client to carefully examine the product from all angles and even see how it will look in real scale in the kitchen, bedroom, living room.

AR apps increase customer engagement and product awareness. With the help of a smartphone or augmented reality glasses, a person can carefully examine the product, twist it, place it in a room or on the street in real scale, feel like its owner even before buying. Research shows that AR marketing apps are now far more effective at driving sales than standard text and visual ads. The augmented reality is perceived by buyers fresh, arouses interest and increases conversion by about 52%.

AR marketing apps

In recent years, solutions using augmented reality technologies for marketing and advertising have become more and more in demand. This is not surprising, if consider that the fact that AR allows you to visualize goods or services so that the client can thoroughly and slowly study the offer. Analytical research in the field of marketing shows that about 80% of people would prefer to independently study products and services instead of watching pre-prepared ads. People are losing confidence and becoming more and more immune to ads.

The development of AR technologies for business allows us to offer the client a completely new and unusual experience, which increases conversion by 52% and increases the average check by 25%. These are not fictions, but concrete statistics collected by Vertebrae in a global market research in 2019.

As a result of the viral pandemic in 2020, the situation has become even more interesting. People spend most of their time at home and prefer to physically visit stores less and less. As a result of these events, the creation of augmented reality (AR) applications has become a relevant and in-demand service, because the vast majority of potential buyers and customers are now on the Internet.

The cost of developing augmented reality apps for sales and marketing

FlexReality web studio offers services for the development of AR-advertising for marketing companies

. If you have an interesting idea of how to present a product or service to the user, we are ready to take on the implementation of the technical part of the project. Development price depends on four factors:

  • technical complexity;
  • scope of the work;
  • the number of employees involved and the cost of their services;
  • terms.

But first of all, we sit down with the client and discuss all the nuances: what the application should be, its functionality, design, interactive capabilities for the user, etc.

The use of AR in marketing and advertising is a broad concept that is limited only by the imagination and skills of developers. You have the idea, we – specialists who can breathe life into this idea.

The benefits we guarantee:

  1. Security – even at the assessment stage, we sign an NDA agreement, which guarantees the customer retaining rights to the future software product and source code.
  2. Comprehensive support throughout the entire development cycle, from the preparation of technical specifications and to the publication of software in the App Store or Play Market.
  3. Transparency – the client regularly receives detailed reports on the work done and the funds spent on the development of AR applications for business.
  4. Willingness to make changes and corrections in case of any comments.
  5. We bring the product to perfection. We will not rest until we have polished the application to a perfect state in terms of implemented features and optimization.

And most importantly, you are not the first. We have created projects in augmented reality more than once and are perfectly familiar with the features of development for iOS and Android. Our artists and designers are fluent in Autodesk 3DS MAX, understand the intricacies of BLENDER, and programmers are fluent in key programming languages, from Kotlin and Python to Java and C ++.

What tasks does AR marketing solve?

Augmented reality in marketing is effective for a number of reasons:

  1. Fresh approach. AR objects are perceived by users much more loyal than the usual text or video ads. One of our projects is a demonstration of the franchise of the international coffee shop MY COFFEE, where we created an interactive environment with a virtual scalable stand. The user points the smartphone camera at the sticker and receives a three-dimensional visualization of the product.
  2. Increases engagement. Thanks to the element of interactivity, a person is more likely to “stick” to a product or service and want to order it. We have already said above that, according to research, AR marketing as a tool increases conversion by 52%.
  3. Provides information in an understandable and convenient format. No dry facts and characteristics. A person buys a washing machine – give him the opportunity to take a closer look at this technique, press buttons, start the washing process. It is not just that the world’s largest automobile concerns are allowing potential buyers to arrange a test drive. AR marketing is the same, but without the risks.

If you want to learn more about how to promote your business using augmented reality and what technologies are best for this, leave a request on the website. We will make an appointment or discuss the details by phone. We know how to bring to life any of your ideas, because we are not afraid of difficulties and strive to constantly grow above ourselves.