Test the product in the real world, in real scale and size

Add AR content to your website and win!

Everything is simple!
Surprise everyone by making 3D products as a feature of your service!

Place the “Watch in AR” button on your website next to your product. Now customers will be able to consider and try them in augmented reality in 1 click.


If you do not have 3D models, you can order them. We will quickly turn your product into a realistic 3D model. As a result, customers will be able to try on your products in their space, in the exact size and scale.

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Show off your products in 3D!
Surprise everyone by making 3D products a feature of your service!

Modern technology will allow in one click to provide customers with a new experience in interacting with goods, increasing sales.

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AR Apps for E-Commerce

The dynamics of a modern person’s life forces entrepreneurs to adapt and figure out how to quickly attract the client’s attention and serve him in the shortest possible time, so as not to take a minute of invaluable time. Creating AR apps and effects for sales growth is what an online business needs. No time to interest client – as a result lost it . Made the ordering algorithm too complicated and incomprehensible – get ready for a drop in profits.

Survival is the one who knows how to adapt to modern market realities and clearly understands where the main part of the target audience is. The answer is clear in smartphones. According to GSMA Intelligence statistics, the number of active smartphone users in 2020 reached 5.2 billion people, of which more than half prefer to shop online. It’s convenient, easy, fast, and no queues like traditional service options.

FlexReality specializes in developing augmented reality (AR) applications for retail. We are well acquainted with the specifics of E-Commerce and are able to bring specific results:

  • expand the target audience, attract new customers;
  • automate the business, which will reduce the cost of service personnel, including online consultants;
  • increase the number and volume of sales, implement algorithms that will help maintain a stable customer base;
  • increase customer engagement with AR objects;
  • create a system that will promptly and regularly notify customers about new arrivals, promotions, discounts;
  • to emphasize the prestige of the case;
  • increase audience loyalty by improving the quality of the application, optimizing and creating a competent interface.

The mobile application market is growing from year to year. Taking a «niche» in time and being among the first is invaluable for any business, be it online pizza delivery or a construction company selling apartments in new buildings.

Stages and cost of developing AR applications for e-commerce

It is possible to talk about the cost of development only in a comprehensive manner, understanding how everything happens. There are four main pricing factors:

  • technical complexity;
  • scope of the project;
  • the number of employees involved and their remuneration;
  • terms of development.

It all starts with preparation – together with the customer we discuss how the finished AR application for business should look like, what functions, design and other related aspects it will have. At this stage, the technical task

is drawn up and the so-called User Experience is developed – this is a scenario of user behavior at the template level. This approach will ultimately allow us to create a User-friendly interface that is pleasant for customers to interact with and that will not cause rejection. We think over navigation, buttons, lists, filters and other elements that will be supplemented with the main code in the future.

The development of AR content for E-Commerce begins after the client and the contractor (you and I) come to a common denominator in terms of how it should look in the end. And then the time comes to develop the main functionality, the server side, work with the API, design implementation and other technical issues that we completely undertake.

Before submitting the project, we thoroughly test the application for bugs, smooth out possible technical irregularities and hand over the project to the client on a turnkey basis. For our part, we provide additional technical support and further improvement of the product – this is at the request of the customer.

How E-Commerce is using AR to engage audiences and drive sales

People are increasingly choosing to shop online. So, at the end of 2018, about 45% of Ukrainians preferred to buy on the Internet, ordering delivery to their home or to the nearest post office. In 2020, there were even more of them, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, which made people less likely to leave their homes.

Shopping on the Internet is easy and convenient, and the store in augmented reality looks like something innovative against the background of conventional applications with their pictures. Judge for yourself: you can view any product in its actual size and from all sorts of angles. To do this, you only need a smartphone that supports augmented reality, and there are already most of them.

Benefits of AR in E-Commerce:

  • the ability to project ideas and objects in the form of holograms;
  • allows you to move to anywhere in the world with a simple tap;
  • you can interact with goods without direct physical contact – twirl, twist, zoom in, move away, etc .;
  • simplifies the process of getting to know the product;
  • looks fresh and unusual against the background of traditional methods of displaying goods (looks especially good for a restaurant in augmented reality).

In a recent study by Vertebrae, analysts found that 78% of respondents would rather interact with augmented reality objects than watch their familiar 20-second videos. People like to explore products on their own, while traditional advertising no longer brings the expected results as it used to be. In the process of customer interaction with augmented reality, their engagement grows, which increases conversion by about 52%, and the average order value grows by 25%.

The FlexReality team is well aware of current trends and offers AR development services. If you want to learn more about what tasks the E-Commerce application solves, leave a request on the site. Do not be afraid of innovation, face the future with your head held high with us.

Let customers travel through virtual store locations
Frequently asked Questions

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular every year, and augmented reality technologies can significantly increase conversion. An analytical study by Vertebrae shows that 78% of those surveyed would prefer to interact with an AR object instead of watching a standard 20-second ad video. Augmented reality allows you to get to know the product better, twist it, study it from all sorts of angles. This increases engagement, and as a result, conversions increase by about 52%, according to statistical reports from large companies.

The main disadvantage of shopping on the Internet is that people cannot look at the product live, feel it. AR partially solves this problem by providing the client with the opportunity to get acquainted with at least a three-dimensional model of a product or technology. Augmented reality even allows you to place goods next to you in real scale, be it a sofa, a washing machine or a portion of sushi. The synthesis of E-Commerce and AR is effective for both ordinary buyers and sales companies. The former get the opportunity to better study the product, while the latter can count on an increase in conversion.

To increase conversions and give customers a fresh customer experience. Today in Ukraine, only a few companies offer the ability to interact with goods in AR, so now this tool is especially effective. Augmented reality for the client is like a virtual sandbox in which you can study in detail the future acquisition. According to analytical studies, AR increases conversions by about 52%.

Augmented reality solves the problem of unjustified expectations through product visualization. With AR, a client can closely examine a 3D model of anything at a 1: 1 scale. Color, texture, shape, functionality, size – all of this is recreated in a virtual environment and then fits into the context of the real world. Simply put, you can take a conventional microwave oven and place it next to you on the table, inspect and study it. A demonstration AR project increases the likelihood of getting a wholesale customer, provided that the manufacturer’s product is of high quality.