Our team. Igor
Accidents are not accidental.
Once we accidentally found out that our employee Igor almost accidentally got into our team. He came for an interview, after which he made a test task, in general, everything is like people have. So we got a new interior designer, and Igor has a job. History is silent about what exactly was part of his professional plans and ambitions at that time, but it was definitely not a design. As Igor later said, “I agreed, simply because I really needed a job.”
Over time, we had new projects, we formed different teams, mixed them and Igor began to do what he liked and succeeded in – 3D modeling.
So strangely began the history of Igor’s work in our company, and today he already celebrates his birthday with us 3 times.
What does the team think about this?
“Cool and funny dude who is cool and pleasant to work with, and especially to hang out with. With Igor, you can unexpectedly acquire a variety of new skills – for example, glass cutting ”- Golub Alexander, 3D modeller
“The most extraordinary employee, with whom funny stories often happen (for example, a sofa placed on the roof). Igor, this is a very talented and hardworking guy. “- Mikhail Shubin, company owner
“In the entire history of the company, this is the only person with such strong software skills that he was able to get a job when he came to another interview and revealed it only a year later)) Incredible and colossal growth over the years, but the key is the constant struggle in favor of the quality of projects and proactivity – he even bought a 3D printer to make the project cooler))) Separately, I note the rallying of everyone around, I remember the trip “to the island”, video editing, sticker pack, playing the guitar and a lot of everything. Yes, indeed we have grown accustomed to this bearded personality, by the way, he was not always bearded – proof in the photo)) ”- Dmitry Grepan, owner of the company
“A true professional and fan of his craft, with an incredible sense of style. More than once I had to turn to him for help in creating 3D visualizations, and the quality of the work was above all praise. Only a true artist can scrupulously work on the quality of details and light. ” – Elena Berezhnaya, head of the design department
“Igor, our entire team wishes you a happy birthday! We wish your life to be as unusual, varied and fun as you are in this photo (the photo demonstrates Igor’s honed skills in showing words in the game “Cow”) ”- Anastasia Bondarenko, HR-manager
What is this story about? The fact that often accidents in our life are not accidental and that if there is reasonable management, then even within the same company, an employee can develop his skills, move from one position to another, grow and achieve success together with the team.
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