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In 2020, the number of products consumed from the Internet increased by about 250% – this is due to both quarantine restrictions and natural trends in the development of E-Commerce. As statistics show, companies that at one time invested in creating a website design from scratch and brought it to working order were less affected by restrictions, since the e-commerce market grew by about 40% and is now estimated at $ 108 billion. USA. This is only on the territory of Ukraine. The experience of the pandemic has clearly shown that having a presence on the network is not only useful, but vital, since this is a promising direction in the service and retail sectors.

FlexReality web design studio offers services for website development in 9 stages:

  1. Definition of goals and objectives: what is the site for, what problems of visitors it solves, etc.
  2. Formation of technical specifications (TOR).
  3. Prototyping – creating schematics, sketches and sketches showing key structural elements.
  4. Layout – at this stage, a clear understanding of how the resource will look as a result is already formed. Visualization allows designers and programmers to make edits to improve the experience and achieve intelligent UI and UX design.
  5. Layout development, transforming it into a working tool.
  6. Working with code – implementation of interactive elements and resource optimization.
  7. Filling with content.
  8. Testing – this stage allows you to identify possible oversights and smooth out roughness in order to achieve an ideal result.
  9. Delivery of the site to the client.

If you are looking for inexpensive website creation services, contact FlexReality. We guarantee the consistently high quality of the final product and provide the customer with full reporting on all development costs.

Turnkey website development price

Pricing depends on the type of site, the number of pages, the uniqueness of the design and functional elements. The client can choose a ready-made layout, and then the development will be cheaper, but in terms of the uniqueness of the design, such a resource will lose. The cost of creating sites also depends on the type of web resource. The so-called Landing Page and business card sites are the cheapest. Then there are corporate websites and online stores. Sites for medium and large businesses are the most expensive, as they consume more time and resources.

The package of services includes layout, hosting, CMS-S3 creation and technical support. Creation of user-friendly sites requires experience and knowledge of how to competently work out the interface so that the site evokes only positive emotions in visitors. The same applies to the semantic content of the resource – search engines are more likely to display web resources with a competent structure and text content in the TOP.

Order website development

FlexReality website creation studio invites to cooperation those who need:

  • business card site;
  • сorporate website;
  • online store;
  • Landing Page;
  • site-catalog.

Any of these sites is suitable for promoting goods, services or information. We will ensure the creation of a website design from scratch, which guarantees a positive user experience for visitors. To understand and appreciate what the designers and developers of our studio are capable of, study the examples of work presented in the portfolio section:

  1. Site for Zhilstroy-2 on WordPress, which allows you to easily update information about available apartments.
  2. House Remake online store.
  3. A website for an educational agency in Kiev – a simple, convenient and well-optimized resource.

These are not all examples. Go to the portfolio section and study the cases yourself. If you are interested in web design and website development, leave a request on the company’s website. We will call you back soon and discuss all the nuances. All the best!

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Frequently asked Questions

Although mobile applications are gradually becoming more popular against the background of websites, about 50% of people still actively visit them and are in no hurry to install mobile versions on their smartphones. With a competent approach to development, you can create a website that is not inferior in functionality to the application, and in this case it will serve as a driver to increase sales and increase conversion. Creation of dynamic content, optimization of the user interface, the use of microanimations – in 2021 the site must correspond to modern technologies and the needs of the audience, and only in this case it will be effective.

According to the statistics of 2020, corporate sites are in the first place in demand, because with their help a company can profitably present itself against the background of competitors. Your own website adds weight and creates a respectable image in the media field. In second place are online stores, as e-commerce volumes have already reached almost 20% of total sales, with 90% of transactions being made in the B2B segment. In third place is the Landing page, or business card sites for small and medium-sized businesses, which provide visitors with concentrated information about the specifics of the activity and the benefits.

The cost of design development is influenced by the number of pages, site adaptability, the number of interactive elements and time frames. The more dynamic elements you have on your site, the more difficult it is to render layouts for active menus, pop-up forms, drop-down lists, links, and other elements. The price is discussed individually during the preparation of the technical assignment

Having your own WEB-site helps to disseminate information on the network. This is a place where you can post any information about yourself, regularly update and supplement it. A competently created portal can effectively increase sales, increase conversion, it helps a business to increase its audience and find customers from different parts of the world. Among other things, this is an excellent tool for SEO promotion, and with a competent approach, you can bring a company to the TOP of Google or Yandex search queries.