How to create an Android application?

How to make a good Android app?
As soon as entrepreneurs came to terms with the fact that the client is looking for information on the Internet, a new marketing trend emerged – sales on mobile devices. According to the results of a joint research by Yandex.Market and GFK.rus, more than 70% of buyers use a smartphone when getting to know a product, even if they have simultaneous access to a regular computer. What to do? Develop a mobile application.
Inside information: what does application development look like from the inside?
It all starts with the same thing as website development – idea formation, analysis of competitors and our promoted business. We study the market and find out what functionality the user needs most. Moreover, we are looking for useful features that competitors have not thought of. This analysis takes a lot of time, but we will consider it a preparatory stage. Development itself begins after it:
Design. At this stage, the structure and architecture of the application is determined. The location of the elements of each interface is determined (there can be a huge number of interfaces), custom transition scenarios are created.
Design creation. As part of creating a design, it is important to ensure that decorative elements do not distract the user from the functionality. The latest trends in web design are aimed at simplicity, minimalism and brevity. On the other hand, the design should reflect the brand colors and corporate culture of your company. Finding a balance between these factors is not always easy.
Software part. The programmer decides which programming language can solve the problem. If we are talking about, for example, an information portal, it is best to use HTML5 and JavaScript. For IOS, you can use languages ​​that are specially developed by Apple. For example, Objective-C or Swift. If the application is created for mobile gaming, Java is usually used.
Testing. During testing, professional beta testers are involved. Their task is to try to “break” the programmer’s work by any means. The adaptability of the application for different screens is checked, the interface is working correctly on the Android OS. If necessary, the specialist develops additional versions for the tablet screen, etc.
Publishing and advertising. Now it is enough to place applications on Google Play or AppStore. Third party websites or other applications are used to advertise the application. The advertiser, in the latter case, pays a price per click, install, or view.
The amount of work depends entirely on the type of mobile application. So, when creating an online store, it is important to work out the mechanism for publishing goods, integrate the acceptance of payments, and even better – synchronize the update of cards in the application with the main site.
Can I create an Android application myself?
If you are ready for crashes, bugs, inconvenient functionality and template design, you can use one of the existing programs for creating mobile applications for Android. These are visual designers that automatically translate the picture you created with the designation of elements into the program code. For example, Flipabit or Zoho Creator.
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