Educational project. Physics, Grade 8

Earlier we wrote about the use of AR and VR technologies in the field of education. In this area, we can already call ourselves specialists, because first we created the social project ARBOOK.INFO (for more details, see, which is currently working on a large-scale educational project commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The essence of the project

We are creating an AR application that can call 3D objects with reference to the pages of any textbook. At the moment, we are working with a physics textbook for grade 8, we are creating 42 experiments in augmented reality.

Just imagine: a student or teacher pointing a smartphone / tablet at a drawing in a book and the experiment comes to life. However, this is not just a video. The application recreates the experiment and all procedures as close as possible to real life. Therefore, the success of the experiment depends on the actions of the user.


The use of modern technologies such as AR and VR, use of our application, arouses children’s interest in learning. In addition to static pictures in the book, live animations appear and this attracts both preschoolers and high school students.


Using our AR application simplifies the presentation of complex material, because now the experiments can be clearly demonstrated to students.


Unfortunately, not every educational institution has a high-quality material base, which would allow testing its knowledge in practice. However, our application allows students only to use a smartphone to conduct an experiment and consolidate their knowledge. It is important that thanks to such technologies, the child can conduct experiments anywhere, and thus having no opportunity to attend school, still get the necessary knowledge.

Now we have already done most of the experiments. However, our application is not limited to them. We will write about other important blocks of this project in the following articles.