One of our apps is WylsaAR

Earlier we wrote about AR apps that you might want to download. Our WylsaAR application was also on the list. It’s time to introduce you to him better.
The main character of this exciting game is the famous blogger Wylsa. He, by analogy with the real life of bloggers, needs to collect as many “Like” as possible. To do this, you need to jump as accurately as possible, because energy is wasted during each jump. If the player has caught “Dislike”, then the “Like” part is taken away. For a certain number of collected “Likes” the player receives buttons, again by analogy with real life, namely YouTube. The main goal of the game is to reach the final and see the miracle dance of Wylsa.
With AR technology, game action can take place almost anywhere. You can place the character on your desktop or in your living room. And you only need to have a charged phone and the desire to play.
You can download the application and try your hand at