The number of businesses that paid attention to AR technology grew by 60%

Researchers confirm that the number of businesses that have paid attention to AR technology has grown by 60%
Venture Reality Fund conducted its own analysis and published results for the augmented reality market. At the end of the research, it became clear that 150 companies want to develop a range of augmented reality technologies.
Researchers with the Venture Reality Fund have raised an estimated $ 50 million to boost startups in the AR technology world. It is reported that the number of companies researching AR has doubled over the lifetime of the technology.
The foundation believes that the main driver of interest in AR technology has become the attention of such giants as Facebook and Apple. These companies are currently actively exploring such a phenomenon as AR or Augmented Reality.
Augmented reality is an industry that continues to evolve. Experienced experts predict the rapid development of infrastructure in the near future. Today, companies such as Apple and IKEA are already developing augmented reality software. Very soon, more apps will be targeting this area.
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