Application “Svetlitsa” interactive tour “Shevchenko in Brovary”

Interactive excursion “Shevchenko in Brovary”
At the present time, to our great regret, museums do not evoke the former delight among young people. And in the minds of many museums have become entrenched as a relic of the past. Our team set out to return museums to their former popularity and make them interesting and educational for our children. On Friday, September 20, there will be a presentation of the AR interactive tour for the T.G. Shevchenko National Museum. A whole team of developers, illustrators, museum workers worked on the development of the project.
Already today, visitors to the museum will be able not only to learn more about history, but also to see the “revived” heroes, hear music, poems, and also go through exciting quests and games.
In addition to the usual preparation of content for display in augmented reality, our team faced a number of specific features of AR placement in a museum. But that didn’t stop us from implementing it.
We believe that augmented reality can be not only a fashionable phenomenon and a source of the “WOW-effect”, but also a convenient and multifunctional tool for performing various tasks, and most importantly, arouses the interest of children and adolescents, which helps to look at history in a completely new way.
How the presentation went and the photo report will be added to the article a little later.
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