Vr / ar software development

What is vr / ar software development
VR or virtual reality is a created environment that a person can perceive through his senses, that is, see, hear, smell, touch and so on.
AR or augmented reality are possibilities that can complement the already existing, real world, simply by introducing a variety of sensory inclusions. The capabilities of these technologies also lie in the fact that they can both add objects to the real world, and remove them from it.
Difference between VR and AR:
VR immerses a person in the virtual world, displacing the existing one. That is, if you put on special equipment and are transported from your room to the universe of elves, then this is VR.
AR only brings certain elements of the virtual world into the existing one. If you are walking through a mall and suddenly a Pokemon pops up in front of you, then this is AR.
Where is virtual and augmented reality used?
In the realm of virtual reality, infrastructure and technology are shaped at the same time as content. If you have a helmet or virtual reality glasses, then there will be something that you can make or watch with the help of them.
So you can immediately characterize such areas of industry formation, which differ only in content and area of ​​use:
  • film industry;
  • gaming sphere;
  • sports broadcasts and shows;
  • social networks;
  • marketing;
  • training;
  • other.
Many VR developments have been made in the medical field. The latest options for treating mental illness were reviewed. And for medical students, simulators appeared to hone surgical skills.
The process of creating a project begins with the collection of initial data. First of all, one should carefully approach the formulation of the problem that the virtual world will solve.
Interesting solutions have appeared in marketing as well. In order to raise money for the development of poor countries, a 360-degree film was created. During its viewing, the viewer is literally transported to the streets of poverty-stricken countries, and can experience the whole way of life of local residents.
Considering that the VR sphere is rather non-standard and is not always applied, then AR can be applied almost everywhere. Rebuild your brand with augmented reality and virtual reality apps with a team of professionals to create breathtaking marketing campaigns for your business.