Virtual reality is safe and illustrative. In VR, the user finds himself in a simulated environment and can control it. It can be anything: a factory, a transformer vault, mine clearing, first aid, school lessons. At the same time, memorization occurs naturally: in a VR-headset, the brain perceives everything as real.

You can train employees, conduct team games, trainings, teach people to maintain dangerous, complex, and simple mechanisms, equipment, or come up with a completely new way of interacting with customers.

stages of development

how do we work on projects?



Analyzing the request, studying the market and competitors. Forming a development offer based on the goals and objectives of the project.



We work through a concept, write a specification that describes in detail how the application works.



We model textures, objects and animations in 3D space. We draw the app interface.



We write the app code and the server part.



We check what the developers have coded. Debugging apps.



We give back a completed project which is ready to be launched on helmets, or we help deploy it on Oculus, Steam or other sites depending on the device.



We add new functionality. Fixing problems.



Oculus Quest 1,2

An autonomous Facebook VR headset Any hard- or software is not required as it is already embedded.

Oculus Rift

A Facebook VR headset. It is not autonomous and uses the power of a PC to work.


HTC is one of the market leaders in VR devices. The VIVE headset uses the power of a PC, but there are also autonomous headsets among HTC devices.

Valve Index

This headset works with a PC only. But the hand controllers can recognize the movement of each finger, and the headset is convenient
for long-term use.

Lenovo Explorer

Lenovo virtual reality glasses. They work with a PC on Windows 10.

Google Cardboard

The simplest and the least expensive way to use virtual reality is headsets assembled from two lenses, fasteners and cardboard.
You can even construct such a device yourself at home. The application is launched on the phone inserted inside this headset.


We will develop a project for peculiarities of another device, if
it is necessary.
Just contact us and tell us about your project.

Our Projects

Frequently asked Questions



Tell us about your idea in detail.

It's cool if you can attach a specification, but if you don't have one, we'll help you make it up.

Gaming business, medicine, digital marketing, education – VR application development is more relevant now than ever. The VR principle is to recreate an artificial world that does not exist in nature, providing a person with the ability to manipulate objects located in this environment.

FlexReality company specializes in creating virtual reality applications, helping the customer to realize ideas of any complexity and focus. At the initial stage, we communicate with the client to understand his vision of the future project. In the process of communication, we discuss technical nuances, determine which functions need to be implemented and offer specific methods that will help to achieve this. This is how the technical specification is formed, with which our specialists will have to work.

To order the development of VR applications, you do not need to be an expert in IT technologies. We take on these difficulties, providing the client with comfortable conditions for cooperation at all stages. During development, we periodically show intermediate results, and if the customer proposes to make changes or improve something, we do so. And if you are interested only in a specific result, so that you do not have to delve into all the nuances of development, you can completely rely on our team. Our cases speak for themselves – projects for large, small and medium-sized businesses are available for study on the site.

Price VR app development

The cost of developing a reality is formed in a complex way and depends on four factors:

  • technical complexity of the project;
  • scale of work;
  • the number of employees involved;
  • terms.

For example, it is much easier and faster to recreate the reality of one cottage than to create a simulation of a whole new building. In the second case, it will take more specialists and more time on the computer to test and bring to the ideal.

We consider two options as payment:

  1. Hourly. When drawing up the technical assignment, we together with you will calculate how many specialists need to be attracted to meet the deadline, and we will announce their rates. We form an estimate so that you understand where and how much money will be spent. Programmers’ rates depend on their experience and professional skills, just like in any other field.
  2. For the entire project. It is allowed to split the payment into 5-6 payments, which the customer will pay gradually. In this case, it is necessary to calculate in advance the costs of developing a virtual reality application and set deadlines.

At all stages of development, we keep records, where we indicate all costs. Where, how much, to whom and for what – the client has carte blanche in terms of monitoring the funds invested in the development.

VR projects

FlexReality company specializes in the development of virtual reality in Kharkov, but we can just as well take on projects for other cities of Ukraine. We have been working since 2016, but we already have an impressive portfolio with a dozen applications. Our advantage is a sincere conviction in the promise of virtual reality technologies. Each time we achieve the desired result, but ideally we strive to surpass it. To do better than you expected is our goal.

We are ready to work in the following areas:

  1. VR in education. School simulation lessons are not fun. With VR headsets, students can safely conduct experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, and other subjects. In this vein, we have developed the BookVAR application on a government order from the Kiev Department of Education and Science for students in grades 8-9.
  2. Development of virtual reality in real estate. An application that will allow a person to personally study the layout, evaluate the interior and the view from the window is a tool that will help attract the attention of people planning to buy their own apartment.
  3. VR in medicine. The team has not yet worked in this direction, but we consider it extremely promising and are ready to take on an order of any complexity. We follow the development of VR in medicine and we know that today in European countries, students and graduate students are studying medicine and practicing surgery in a simulation. Such an experience is extremely difficult to obtain in the usual conditions without putting the patient’s life at risk. Virtual reality is already helping to save lives, and we would like to be part of this process.

If you have any questions – leave a request on the company’s website. Our manager will contact you and provide detailed information regarding VR development and terms of cooperation.