The AR_Book project is an educational solution for schools by the FlexReality development company.

FlexReality is a Ukrainian development company that solves business problems using the latest AR&VR technologies.

VR provides maximum immersion in virtual reality using immersive devices. It is that type of reality helps the company simulate any environment and interaction scenarios: building, laboratory, stadium, desert. A person can walk, interact with the virtual world and control it, solving problems in such an interactive way.

AR technologies, on the contrary, are very autonomous and do not require additional equipment; there is always an opportunity to familiarize yourself with 3D models quickly. This latest feature allows you to place simulated objects in the real world, such as clothes, furniture, 3D characters, and buildings.

The FlexReality team has launched 25 successful cases in education, real estate, and museums. After the start of a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, all the forces of the development company are directed at the AR_Book ecosystem.


AR_Book: App and AR_Teacher are a unique combination of elements of one holistic ecosystem aimed at improving learning in schools, providing all the technological possibilities to measure the effectiveness of the lesson. All AR/VR/3D experiments were created based on the program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

A system that provides opportunities for interactive involvement of more than 200 author’s experiments, approximately 2000 tests on various subjects, 30 functions for the lesson constructor, and many other advantages that are available in a smartphone (AR_Book: App) for students and in a smartphone (AR_Book: App) and web version (AR_Teacher) for teachers.

An ecosystem that brings teachers closer to students and allows parents to track their child’s progress.

The startup was created at the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine to make education accessible to every child and to modernize education methods boldly.


Additional bonus of the AR_Book system are the educational community. Support that is always in touch!

Dark times create a new value system where understanding and support play a significant role. Our system allows us to connect with like-minded people and change education together.

The main plans for the future are improving our country and actively using education as the primary protection for the young generation in Ukraine!