VR technologies in medicine

VR technology will soon improve the medical capabilities of doctors
Today VR technologies are mostly used by software and video game developers. But what if virtual reality is aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills? Stanford University School of Medicine professors plan to follow current trends and apply VR to teaching students. The technology will also be used to improve the qualifications of doctors who are already working in the profession.
VR simulators will make it easier for doctors to study human anatomy by creating a three-dimensional model. This innovation will make it possible to comprehensively approach treatment in the event of detection of diseases dangerous to human life.
Among other things, thanks to virtual reality, doctors will be able to translate the procedure of computed tomography of the patient into a three-dimensional model. The resulting image will be able to move and explore the specialist using the virtual space. This method will allow in the future all doctors to study the tissues and organs of patients without internal intervention.
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