Website for House Remake

Now each company has its own website. However, it is the sphere in which the company operates that determines what this site should be, what it should look like and what pages it should contain.

House Remake is a Ukrainian company that provides interior design, renovation, and construction services. Therefore, creating the site, we especially carefully approached its design. The colors in which the site was made, based on the company logo. We also worked on even small details, such as icons, buttons, etc. We made them simple and stylish at the same time.

On the site, the user can easily leave a request to call back and pass the test, in order to find out the cost of design in just 3 minutes. We added these chips to the site so that it was not only beautiful, but also selling.

Our experience allows us to develop a website for each client that will increase conversion and help your business grow faster, and not just hang on Google’s 25th page.

More information about the site can be found here

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